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“The name which I had given to a new Optical Instrument, for creating and exhibiting beautiful forms,

is derived from the Greek words καλός, beautiful; εἴδος, a form; and σκοπεῖν, to see.”

These words were written by the famous scottish scientist Sir David Brewster, who invented the kaleidoscope in 1815 and patented it in 1817. It is an optical instrument that operates on the principle of multiple reflection and consists of several mirrors placed at an angle one to another, typically inside a cylinder, and loose coloured objects that are shown in continually changing symmetrical forms. In his work A Treatise on the Kaleidoscope (1819) Brewster explained the physical principles that he had investigated and that had led him to his invention and also gave informations about the construction and applications of the kaleidoscope.

As the kaleidoscope became known to a wider public, it proved to be a massive success. There was a great demand in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States with many thousands of kaleidoscopes sold in a few months. A universal kaleidoscope mania! 

It very quickly became popular; and the sensation it excited in London throughout all ranks of people was astonishing. Kaleidoscopes were manufactured in immense numbers, and were sold as rapidly as they could be made.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1824)

Invetro began manufacturing kaleidoscopes and investigating into new optic and aesthetic variations in the late 1980s. In that period kaleidoscopes were mostly mass-produced and we found their optical effects very disappointing. At the other extreme were very exclusive pieces for collectors, both antiques or handcrafted pieces in small series. From that time we have always put our effort in creating high quality kaleidoscopes, beautiful both inside and out, that are affordable for everyone. This is what our registered trademark Caleidoscopio Aleph® represents today.