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“We are the kaleidoscope specialists”…it sounds like a slogan but in fact it is a way of describing in a few words our twentyfive year experience in the production of ‘instruments for viewing beautiful shapes’, that is to say: kaleidoscopes. The Company’s origins and artistic creations date back much further. The colours, transparencies and transformations of glass and mirrors have always been our vocation that began in 1976 with the production of artistic glass ornaments.


Every single product of the Aleph® Collection is hand made and rooted in the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Our kaleidoscopes are designed and manufactured directly in our workshops according to traditional methods of woodworking, metalworking, glassfusing and hand-assembly techniques. They are made from traditional materials, can be repaired and are environmentally friendly.  


Caleidoscopio Aleph ® is the trademark of quality scopes, made with carefully sourced materials and components. Every product bears our trademark of optimum quality, functionality and meticulous craftsmanship.


We do our best to meet the needs of our clients regarding the product, quantity and delivery terms, taking advantage of a network with numerous craftsmen in Italy, such as glassblowers in Murano or artisans working in paper marbling, metal turning, production of packaging etc.  Our knowledge and experience will help to tailor a solution to your precise requirements.