An Aleph® Kaleidoscope gives good emotions and a shift in perspective. Some first impressions are made to last: these infinite suggestions of light and colours never loose their charm - not the same characterless gadget that ends up in the waste bin! From the inexpensive paper kaleidoscopes to the precious brass scopes, they all have quality optics and elegant design.


Our kaleidoscopes covered in precious, hardwearing paper permit a rapid and economic personalization with excellent printing results both offset and digital. Metal kaleidoscopes can be personalized in various ways; from the traditional mechanical engraving of initials or text, to the use of laser for high precision engraving of any type of design, message or logo. In some models it's possible to insert a company logo or other subject inside the kaleidoscope so that in a very discreet way it becomes part of the kaleidoscopic pattern. Also the external packaging supplied with the kaleidoscope can be personalized. 


An Aleph®  corporate gift is a commitment to craftsmanship and to high quality. We will work with you from initial concept to final production and carry out your order promptly and with maximum reliability.