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You may select one of the following methods of payment:

1) Bank transfer 

Upon ordering, you will receive an email confirmation, where all bank details are given. Please specify the order number you are paying for in the transfer form. It can be helpful for a faster processing if you send us a copy of your transfer.

2) Credit/ Debit Card

Your payment will be processed by Braintree, a Paypal Service. The integration with this payment platform guarantees secure shopping because it uses the highest levels of security standards to protect your personal data and credit card information. Your transactions are protected by advanced security standards such as SSL certificates, guaranteeing the highest possibile level of protection.

3) Paypal

You may also pay with your Paypal account.

We will send out your order not later than 2 working days after your payment is approved.

I cannot complete my credit card transaction:

If you're trying to pay by credit card and can't complete the process, it could be because the credit card you're using is not enabled for online payments that use the new 3D security protocols. For example, for Visa it is called "Verified by Visa", while for MasterCard it is "MasterCard SecureCode". Some online purchases may require this verification, either through a password or through an SMS text message sent to the cell phone number associated with the payment card you are using to make the purchase.

Please verify the following items:

- Make sure you have entered the password or code you received via SMS correctly.

- The 3D Secure opens in a pop-up window, check that you have not activated a pop-up blocker on your browser (and disable it if necessary)

- Delete cookies from your browser.

If you still cannot finalize the transaction please contact us, we will try to solve the problem together.