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Box with kaleidoscope set - art.400ln


Box containing a kaleidoscope made of leather and brass (silver colour) and three different interchangeable filters, that you can easily screw and unscrew:

Do-it-yourself: an empty chamber, supplied with a set of coloured crystals, that allows you to create your own images.

Lens: allows you to make a teleidoscope that transforms your environment into infinite kaleidoscopic patterns.

Magic tube: sparkling coloured particles, suspended in a colourless liquid, flow up and down in continuous motion inside the acrylic tubes creating images similar to a firework display.

The elegant box is lined with sturdy decorative paper with the reproduction of an antique nautical chart.

Kaleidoscope size: diameter 40 mm, length 250 mm.

Box: 31 x 22.5 x 6 cm.


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